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Our Philosophy - Compassion. Competence. Communal Healing.

We believe in everyone’s ability to experience healing, hope and health when properly stimulated, educated, and supported. It’s this expectation of communal success that drives us to provide our solid foundation of excellence in prevention/intervention to the most fragile and vulnerable people of Chicagoland.


The Vision - The vision of Above and Beyond is to build a DONOR SUPPORTED center that is not beholden to State or Federal support so we can provide a top quality, evidence-based and individualized treatment experience that is available to anyone in need regardless of their economic status. Our clients and clinicians create therapeutic alliances that design and execute personalized programs of recovery which co-exist side-by-side personal development and growth goals. We believe that recovery is a process that requires meeting individuals where they are at as well as addressing their environmental life circumstances such as: education, employment readiness, interpersonal relationships, and social reintegrative abilities and activities.

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We assist Chicago's homeless, uninsured and financially disadvantaged populations in receiving the best levels of evidence-based outpatient care for their substance use disorders. Specifically, we offer programs and services that add sustainability to our mission of restoring our patients as determinants of their own destinies. Our services are free to those who want to transform their substance abuse into a clean and sober future.



Above and Beyond offers a plethora of substance abuse treatment programs, individual counseling sessions and groups, tailored to each individual's specific challenges, and at no cost tothem. We offer 12-step programs alongside self-empowerment programs that are interlaced with REBT, unconditional self-acceptance principals and therapeutic methodologies of uncovering meaning in our client's lives. As well, we offer Intensive Outpatient Programs, job readiness coaching, housing-first assistance, street yoga, acupuncture, EFT, rage management, and unique trauma-specific groups.

Faint Glow

Short Video Clips

Watching these three videos will tell you eveything you need to know about us

My Name is Herman

Herman's Story from Steet   to recovery and Beyond

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Explainer Video

What we do and How we do it

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Interviews and Explanations

Therapists and patients explain what they do and what happened


This short film is seen by every single Above and Beyond intake patient at the end of their initial assessment. Please give it a watch as it is short (2 minutes) and is one of the more prominent of our many "distinguishing characteristics". It is self-explanatory in offering our clients enough information about which program of support to choose (from our 6 self-help groups) to make their "informed consent" so that their initial treatment plan can be written around it. Then, after they have attended two of these meetings so they can revisit the topic with their counselor and finalize which support modality they will adopt somewhat more permanently.

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copy of our brochure

Above and Beyond's Annual Reports

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Annual Report


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Annual Report


Annual Report


Annual Report



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Podcast with Dr. Ashwani Garg

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Terry London Podcast

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Visionary and Founder: Bryan Cressey

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Outside Vantage Point:

Dr. Stanton Peele

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Operations: Dan Hostetler

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Clinical Protocol:

Terry London

We have many unique features and distinguishing characteristics

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Episcopal Diocese of Chicago Magazine Spring 2018

In The News with Above and Beyond

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Dr. Christ Stout interviews Founder Bryan Cressey (audio only - click on image)

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Ryan Leaf


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A Radio


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Dan Hostetler speaks about

2020 Recipient of NAADAC's "Organization of the YEAR"

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